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Many people around us are suffering from some disorder. Most of them even do not have the idea of whether they are ill or not. The irony is people don’t consider conditions like depression or anxiety as a mental issue. Some people are embarrassed about telling anyone, including their doctor. They are mainly afraid of the outcome and being called a “mental patient.” However, that’s not the case, according to medical sciences. 

Anxious thoughts and the panic attack may occur with any person in regard to a stressful event. But, when such thoughts and depression carry on for a longer time, it can be a severe mental issue. Thus, it is best to consult a health expert on time to avoid heavy medications for the treatment. There are various types of drugs available in the market, but you must not take it by yourself. Take guidance from a health expert and then purchase the medicine according to the need.   

Let’s have a look at Xanax:

Xanax is a drug from the benzodiazepine category. It is a short-term treatment for anxiety and relating issues. The primary purpose of Xanax is to treat conditions like – anxiety disorder, panic attack, and depression. Most of the medicines from the benzodiazepine group are useful in similar kinds of treatments, such as seizures, anxiety, and others. But, the tablets of Xanax are not used to treat seizures. Therefore, it is advisable to take a recommendation from a doctor before applying to the use of Xanax. 

Ingredients of Xanax pill:

A single oral tablet of Xanax is administered in the following dosage form – 0.25mg, 0.5mg, 1mg, and 2mg. These ingredients are available in a single pill of Xanax – Cellulose, lactose, calcium, corn starch, docusate sodium, sodium dioxide, silicon dioxide, and magnesium stearate.     

The combination of these substances will form Xanax and reduce the level of anxious thought or panic issues. It affects the brain and the nerves (Central Nervous System) of a human body. Furthermore, the drug produces a calming and relaxing effect on the brain. It is done with the enhancing effect of the neurotransmitter called GABA inside the body. 

The reason for prescribing this medicine:

Although there are various medications available in the market, doctors often recommend the dose of Xanax for treating anxiety and panic attacks. The pill of Xanax belongs to the category of Benzodiazepine. Medicines that come from the same class are effective for the same type of health issue. However, unlike other benzodiazepines, Xanax is not prescribed for seizure issues. 

The reason why Xanax is the most popular prescribed medicine is due to its short-term effect. It is the safest drug among all the other Benzodiazepines, but people must not take it without prescription. Although the FDA has given approval for the use of Xanax, patients should take it only as per the expert’s guidelines.  

Uses of Xanax pill:

Here is a list of uses for Xanax pills –

  • Treatment of anxiety disorder 
  • Treatment of panic attacks 
  • Treatment of depression or other symptoms that may be a cause of anxiety. 

Apart from these, if you are taking Xanax for any other reason, the effect will be dangerous. 

Drug interaction with Xanax pill:

A medical expert will prescribe a dose of Xanax pill separately. There are in total of 457 known interactions of other drugs with Xanax. Among these, some of the interactions can be dangerous for the health of the patient. The drug interactions of Xanax can be –

  • Xanax with Norco
  • Xanax with alcohol
  • Xanax with Oxycodone 
  • Xanax with Subutex 
  • Xanax with Tramadol 

Remember that interaction of Xanax with opioids or other Benzodiazepine will be resulting in life-threatening issues. 

There are nine types of Xanax interactions that can cause fatal issues. These are –

  • Drug dependency 
  • Respiratory depression 
  • Seizures 
  • Obesity 
  • Liver problem 
  • Acute alcohol intoxication 
  • Paradoxical reactions 
  • Closed angle-glaucoma 
  • Depression 

Side effects of Xanax pill:

Following aftereffects can occur due to the negative impact of Xanax on your system –

  • Forgetting things 
  • Muscle pain or stiffness 
  • Body aches 
  • Frequent urination 
  • Shivering 
  • Sore throat
  • Dry mouth 
  • Difficulty in coordination 
  • Feeling sad or discouraged 
  • Change in pattern of speech 
  • Irritability 
  • Lack of appetite 
  • Slurry speech 
  • Tiredness 
  • Unsteady walk 
  • Abdominal pain 
  • Loss of bladder control 
  • Feeling emotional 
  • Chest pain 
  • Nightmares 

These are the type of side effects that occur for a short while. However, if they start getting worse, take it immediately with your health expert. Do not waste any time in determining the cure by yourself.