Privacy Policy

On the Privacy Policy page of, we inform you about the policies that we follow in terms of disclosure. It includes the collection of your personal data and its disclosure while keeping in mind the services of your choice. We collect data from you so that it can help us provide our customers with improved services. As you continue surfing on our website, you agree to the privacy terms in accordance with the collection and storage of your personal data.

We, on our website, make deals within the boundaries of the United States and Canada. As said earlier, this page will be informing you about the policies and terms relating to the storage/collection and usage of your personal data. Furthermore, as you will be visiting on the different pages of, you are permitting us the right to improve your experience here by means of data that you provide. We may ask you to share with us your personal data so that we can use it to identify you and your need from time to time. It is mandatory for your privacy and safety issues. We can also take this information to help solve your queries and provide you with a better experience. 

It would help if you went through the privacy policy of our website before you give us access to your personal data. There are some critical points that you need to know about – 

  • The privacy policy that is mentioned here, it briefs about your data and the information that we collect on our website.
  • We signify the IP addresses that are equal in number as per the visitors on the site. We can use them for marketing purposes. It further helps us in making the visitor’s experience much better.
  • In order to provide excellent services to our customers, we gather the information to have a better understanding of our customer’s needs.
  • It is essential to know that we do not indulge in selling/giving away your personal data to any third-party website. Although we may share your information with the third-party sites so that it can help us in providing you with the prominent services. In such cases, we assure you that the information you are providing us will not be disclosed with any of these websites.

There can be several kinds of modifications enacted on the website from time to time and also to the privacy policy and other content displayed on the page. Thus, you need to be more attentive every time you are visiting our site as there can be few changes every time you are on the page. Our advice is always to visit the privacy policy and disclaimer page to check if there is any change done on the website. We hold the right to make any changes on the site relating to privacy issues whenever required.