Terms and Conditions 

Redditpharma.com has displayed the essential terms or rules of the company that a user must abide by so that there is no harm done on the website neither with the user’s personal belonging. We have listed the basic terms that we will go with while working on this platform.

Agreement with the user – When a user/visitor is visiting the website, it means that he/she has agreed to the terms and conditions of the website. They are allowing us to use cookies from the browser that will help in concluding the best knowledge of your interests. But, if you do not agree with our terms and conditions, you can discontinue using the website. Elsewise, you can continue using the services that we have provided on the site.

Fluctuations – The details that are mentioned on the site, including the terms and conditions, they may change from time to time. We may or may not inform you about the changes that are to be made on the website. We won’t be responsible for any change that you have missed over time. Therefore, we would request you to please go through the terms and privacy policy of the company before you continue using our services.  

Content on the website – We will not request the visitors of the website to share with us their personal data. But, if you want to continue using the site, you should make your account for the desired content. Some ads may show up as per the age criteria and the interest of that person. If you clicked on a particular ad, the same kind of advertisements would show-up, depending upon your interest.

Maintain an account – It will be useful for you to create an account on the website so that we can keep you up-to-date with the latest services. By creating an account, you are allowing us access to the personal info, which will further help in giving you the desired services. It is mandatory for a user to create his/her account and do not share or forget the password for future access.

Data on the website – User accounts will not only have access to the site and its information, but they will also be able to post relevant data on the website. The data that is given on the website is collected from different sources. We will not be liable for any information given on the site as they have provided by various online sources.

Copyright – All the information given on the website is genuine and has been created with the help of researches done through several years. We hold the copyright for the data displayed on our website. It is strictly prohibited to copy the data present on our site. The visitors may gather the information given here but copying it and using it for profitable agenda will not be allowed.Thus, the visitors/users of the website must understand that the data available on the site is only to provide useful information. It is related to the following terms – suitable medications, pharmaceutical methods, health conditions, and other services. Note that we do not endorse or provide any treatment advice for the medical conditions. You can take help from your health expert and take the drug as per the prescription. Even in case if the problem is not severe, we would advise you to get help from a professional medical expert.